Saving Guarantee

Kiwi Escapes Savings Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any competitor self-guided tour package price or value by a minimum of 15% ("price-beat") as follows:

Note: By requesting the price-beat you are under no obligation to place a booking with us or proceed with the final tour package as the case may be.


Inclusions in travel and tour packages assembled by travel agents, tour companies, wholesalers, online travel promoters and others will all be different in some way. Packages will vary by inclusions, validity, suppliers, component type, standard, terms and conditions etc ("package components"). We will have access to most suppliers and types of inclusions as well as alternatives.

Our objective in a price-beat situation is to assemble a package containing similar and/or higher standard package components to that which you present to us. We guarantee to offer at least 15% more total value or a price that is 15% lower than the competitor quote. Any package components that are exclusive to specific suppliers to which we do not have access will not be included.


The above and following terms and conditions apply to travel plans and tour-package pricing requested from and supplied by Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. trading as Kiwi Escapes and are subject to change without notice. These conditions are to be read in conjunction with our standard booking conditions.

The price-beat must be requested before you place a booking with any other tour or travel agent, online booking agent or tour operator direct in relation to the subject package.

A price-beat may be requested by providing information regarding the competitor quote and your requirements to an employee of the company who performs a reservations or travel consultant role ("company contact") as follows:

  1. Information regarding a tour or travel package must be provided to us in the form of a written quotation by the competitor travel agent or other supplier as applicable, or by supplying other written or photographic evidence containing full package details via email to the company contact.
  2. Your exact booking requirements including travel/booking dates, number and age of travellers and special requirements if any.

Your assigned travel agent will contact you to discuss and confirm the details then will submit a travel plan for approval.

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  • Group Tours
  • Kiwi Escapes Group Tours


    New Zealand is just made for touring and having fun with friends. Self-guided group tours are very affordable as well.

    See all tours

    Self-guided to fully-guided

    Our job is to make sure everything is set up correctly, exactly as planned, from the outset, so you and the rest of your group can simply enjoy your holiday.

    If you're considering a trip for 10 or more travelers then a bus and driver are required. This is called a "group-guided" tour. Factors to consider will be:

    • Group size and vehicle type
    • Whether a driver or driver/guide is required
    • Flight and airport transfer arrangements
    • Meal requirements
    • Tour management
    • Flexible itinerary to meet preferences
    • Fully-guided activities
    • Walking tour audio-guide technology

    "Self-guided" tours ideally suit up to 8 people with one vehicle. The largest vehicle size available is a 12-seater van. We recommend allowing the space of 4 seats for luggage. A nominated person drives.

    "Group-guided" tours for larger groups require a chartered bus with a driver. One member of the group manages and guides the tour from commencement to completion acting as the "Tour Director" and we work with that person to ensure a smooth travel experience.

    "Fully-guided" group tours involve a chartered bus with a driver-guide. You can join an existing, pre-defined tour, however many times you will get better value and more flexibility with an exclusive charter.


    A professional tour director is optional and ideally suits a medium to larger group. It means you can relax knowing that every detail is being handled. As group size increases so do the organisational aspects.

    Choosing your itinerary

    Start by having a chat with potential group participants to identify places of interest and trip duration. From there we will recommend a suitable itinerary that you can email to group members for input and to get numbers.

    As the organiser of a group-guided tour you benefit from the following:

    • The planning is done with you to achieve your aims, then we organise everything so you don't have to worry about logistics at all.
    • Your group gets to see and do the most important sights and experiences very affordably.
    • Your group benefits from the overall savings we achieve on group bookings.
    • Participants can blend independent time with group time for the best of both worlds.

    The value we provide

    We organise everything from accommodation and activity bookings to meals and logistics. You receive a "Tour Manager Notes & Guide" as well.


    "Tour Manager Notes & Guide" is part of all "group-guided" packages. Included is a comprehensive daily itinerary, driver instructions and information about each part of your tour to enable you to provide entertaining commentary. Also included are checklists and reminders about daily tasks.